About the project

The Path to Preschool

The Path to Preschool is training material developed at the initiative of Sefif, a national association for independent preschools. Sefif aims to contribute to further integration and to provide new arrivals with work while strengthening the preschool industry’s potential to hire staff.


To make it easier for new arrivals to get a job

The Path to Preschool helps new arrivals get a job at a preschool. New arrivals need to increase their Swedish language skills and understand the preschool curriculum to more quickly become established in the world of preschool. Knowing the Swedish language is a prerequisite for working at preschool. There are likely to be many new arrivals and foreigners that have experience working in childcare, teaching and similar areas that are currently unemployed in Sweden.

The Path to Preschool

Language and fundamental values

The Path to Preschool training material helps increase Swedish language skills and provide an understanding of the fundamental values and workplace culture that are characteristic of preschools. The quality of the training materials dealing with fundamental values has been reviewed by Gabriella Gejard, preschool teacher and senior lecturer in didactics at Uppsala University.