Resource bank

Videos and documents

The resource bank contains videos about preschool, the preschool curriculum and a list of research resources that the training materials are based on. There is also a document dealing with working inclusively at preschool and with the objective of gender equality.


Videos about preschool from the Swedish National Agency for Education

Preschool is for your child shows what it is like to attend preschool and what children learn there. This video is geared toward those who have not yet experienced Swedish preschools. The task of preschool and its governing documents explains how preschool is governed and provides a good introduction to anyone working at a preschool.


My path to preschool

Watch the My path to preschool videos and allow yourself to be inspired by the paths three foreign-born women took to a career in preschool.


Downloadable material

Learn more about the preschool curriculum, working with gender equality in preschool and the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.